Kanban Boards

Empower your business productivity
with customizable Kanban boards.

Try the better way of working together.
With Kanban boards you can plan, organize, analyze
and constantly improve your business performance.

What is Kanban board?

Kanban board is a visual project management tool used for
work flow visualization and time management.

Why you should try out Kanban boards?

Using Kanban boards can bring you significant benefits by:

Check out Kanban Library for articles on Kanban boards:

Visualize work: a short intro to Kanban boards
by Carlo Pecchia

Read about three general application areas of Kanban boards and learn how to create them.
See the befits! Increase the visibility of project's workflow and improve the performance.

Kanban kick-start example
by Henrik Kniberg

Visual Kanban kick-start example of Kanban board for teams. Learn how to start using
Kanban board and cards, how to name tasks and columns. You should see it if you want
to implement Kanban really quickly in practice.

How to Use Kanban and the Kanban Board
by Ulf Eriksson

This article gives you a basic understanding of Kanban - core principles and the application areas. The author focuses on maintenance teams. He explains how Kanban can be used in such a context.